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Aimpoint Offers Red Dot Sight for Small Guns

November 30, 2018 by admin in Great Gear

Aimpoint, originator and leader in red dot sighting technology, introduces a new line of red dot sights, the ACRO (Advanced Compact Reflex Optic) P-1 Series. The unique small sight design was developed for use with pistols and other weapon platforms.
Users have requested a small, enclosed red dot sight to fit on handguns. The P-1 offers an enclosed system that is more durable than open systems, and it is the only sight in its size category fully tested for shock, vibration, temperature span and other environmental stress.
The P-1 optic adds only negligible size and weight to the equipment and was tested with more than 20,000 rounds on a .40 cal pistol slide, proving its ruggedness and reliability.
While designed for direct integration onto pistol slides, the P-1 sight can also be used as a backup sight for magnifying scopes, personal defense weapons and on any system where a small red dot is applicable.
For more information, go online to aimpoint.com.

Buck Adds SpitFire Lightweight Knife to Custom Shop

November 30, 2018 by admin in Great Gear

Buck Knives has added the popular 722 SpitFire model to its Custom Knife Shop, giving it a range of handle colors and materials, blade steels and finishes as well.
The 722 SpitFire is a lightweight, everyday carry knife first released in 2013. Options include different handle colors and materials, including aluminum, G10, and carbon fiber. Different blade steels and finishes are offered in satin finish, mirror polish and Cerakote coated colors.
The SpitFire was added to the Custom Knife Shop to offer a customer a vast array of selections when designing a knife, including the option to engrave on the blade and handle. Customers can mix and match hardware, spacers, and clips to create their own unique versions.
The 722 SpitFire base price before customization is $55. For more information, go to buckknives.com.

Mossy Oak and Scentlok Offer Smart New Set

November 30, 2018 by admin in Great Gear

Mossy Oak and Scentlok have collaborated on a hunting jacket and pants set that promises to beat the heat or defy the falling rain – in comfort and silence.
The Scentlok Savanna Reign Jacket and Pants are now available in Mossuyu’s popular Break-Up Country and Bottomland camo patterns.
ScentLok has been engineering innovative solutions for bow-hunters for 25 years. Savanna Reign provides premium protection from precipitation with NeverWet, a super-hydrophobic permanent fabric treatment. Hunters remain dry and comfortable when the skies open up.
The jacket offers a hooded design with an integrated facemask, delivering maximum scent control and protection from insects, plus a safety harness opening, zippered waist pockets and a zippered chest pocket.
The pants have six flexible pockets and a non-slip waistbelt with a fast-adjusting buckle for a secure fit.
The jackets list for $129.99 to $149.99 and the pants are $139.99 or $149.99. Go online to ScentLok.com.

DryCase Adds Mossy Oak Patterns to Duffel, Backpack

November 30, 2018 by admin in Great Gear

DryCase backpacks and duffel bags, all 100 percent waterproof, are now available in Mossy Oak patterns. The 20-liter backpack is in either Break-Up Infinity and Shadow Grass Blades, listing for $119.95, and the 40-liter duffel is in Shadow Grass Blades for $129.95.
Both bags are made of Gnarlwall marine-grade waterproof technology for wet, rainy and muddy days. Each bag has a two-way purge valve for inflation or compression.
They can even be used to transport game, too. Once you’ve cleaned your mess and rinsed out your bag, all water will drain out of the built-in, two-way purge valve.
Features include limited lifetime warranty, water resistant zipper, outer storage pocket, drink holder, bungee straps, internal zippered pocket, wallet compartment, tie downs, and padded lower back, waist and hip support.
For more information, go online to www.drycase.com.

Crosspoint Socks and Gloves Add Merino Wool Lining

November 30, 2018 by admin in Great Gear

They may feel comfy, just like regular gloves and socks, but the Showers Pass Crosspoint Mountain Socks and Crosspoint Waterproof Knit Wool Gloves are actually fully windproof and waterproof, using a proprietary three-layer construction.
Features include a wear-resistant knit exterior, seamless waterproof-breathable Artex membrane, and a moisture wicking Merino Wool-blend lining.
The socks effectively turn any shoe into a windproof and rainproof solution, while the gloves help you retain comfort and dexterity in inclement weather.
The Crosspoint Mountain Socks list for $45 and the Wool Gloves are $49 at showerspass.com.

Rumpl Uses Old Art for High-Tech Blankets

November 30, 2018 by admin in Great Gear

Rumpl and Nipomo have combined to create new lightweight, technical blankets incorporating traditional woven designs from Tlaxcaka, Mexico, intended to preserve Mexican arts and crafts while providing a high-tech solution for people in the outdoors.
Rumpl, a Portland Ore. outdoor company, developed the design, then Nipomo artisans created an exact woven replica, which Rumpl then printed onto its blanket.
Rumpl also combined with German musician and artist Ingo Pohl for the “Space Oddity” blanket, and painter Kelly Marie for a blanket called “Messy Ever After.”
The blankets are filled with hollow fiber insulation and weigh just 2.1 pounds. They stuff into their sacks easily for storing and packing and are machine-washable and quick drying. Finally, they are water, stain and odor resistant but still durable.
The versatile blankets keep you comfortable no matter where you are and have been tested and proven in harsh environments, yet specifically selected for comfort and durability.
The blankets described here list for $129 and can be seen at rumpl.com. 

Winchester Offers Xtended Range On Shotshells

November 30, 2018 by admin in Great Gear

Winchester has launched Xtended Range versions for its Bismuth shotshells with Shot-Lok technology, resulting in a lead-free product ideal for turkey, waterfowl and upland hunters.
The new product pairs Shot-Lok technology with Bismuth shot, resulting in optimum performance for turkey, waterfowl and upland hunting in areas that require lead-free shot.
With density greater than steel, bismuth offers improved penetration, near that of standard lead loads. Shot-Lok protects the bismuth shot from fracturing, which improves pattern density and increases downrange energy. The Xtended Range Bismuth puts twice the number of pellets into a 20-inch circle at 60 yards than standard lead loads.
Xtended Range Bismuth sell for approximately $35 for a box of 10.

Brush Grippers Good for Hunting, Camping or Fishing

November 30, 2018 by admin in Great Gear

Blakemore will soon be offering Brush Grippers, a new steel solution for hunting, camping or fishing needs that require a good grip.
A few of the many uses are as a brush anchor for duck hunting or fishing, a lantern hanger at a campsite, or with kayaks. Some anglers and duck hunters use Brush Grippers at each end of their boat to provide a stable, no-drift position.
Campers can hang clothes, lanterns or set a lean-to with the Brush Gripper. Kayak users will anchor their yak on the shoreline or use it to hold the yak in place while fishing, or to hold accessories while paddling.
A 10-foot cord is included. The tighter the cord pulls, the tighter the Brush Gripper grips.
Brush Grippers will be available this month in orange, dark green and silver. Go online to ttiblakemore.com after Nov. 15.

Genuine Bacon Grease Makes for Great Cooking

November 30, 2018 by admin in Great Gear

How about a cooking oil that contains no gluten, no dairy, no MSC and no peanuts? Yes, it’s genuine bacon grease, from high-quality bacon in John Gordon’s traditional smokehouse process and triple-filtered for purity.
A gallon contains 7.3 pounds of bacon grease – the equivalent of grease from 21 pounds of bacon. Use it instead of butter, shortening or traditional cooking oils.
It’s shelf stable for up to two years, so it’s ready when you are. Try it for fried turkey, potatoes, chicken, eggs, biscuits, muffins – and even pan- or deep-fried fish.
The gallon bucket lists for $29.99, and a 16-ounce tub will be coming soon. Check them out at BaconUp.com.

Sticky Bun and Sriracha Are Latest Bacon Seasonings

October 5, 2018 by admin in Great Gear

Hi Mountain Seasonings has introduced two new bacon seasonings – Sticky Bun and Pineapple Sriracha – that provide a new level of bacon experience.
Sticky Bun’s brown sugar, caramel and buttery flavors turn bacon into a sweet and slightly salty treat. Pineapple Sriracha blends sweetness with spices and citrus for a tangy island flavor.
To use, shake about 1/4 teaspoon on each side of the bacon before cooking.
Sticky Bun comes in a 5.1-ounce bottle and Pineapple Sriracha in a 5.9-ounce bottle, both listing for $6.99. Hi Mountain’s Black Pepper & Brown Sugar, the first bacon seasoning it introduced, also sells for $6.99.
Hi Mountain’s products, cooking tips, instructional videos and recipes are at himtnjerky.com and can be seen at sporting goods stores, farm-and-ranch stores and local grocery stores. Hi Mountain is based in Wyoming and was founded in 1991.


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