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The Outdoor Guide contains fishing, hunting, boating camping and outdoor travel information, targeting the Southern Midwest.

Coverage includes an array of information on the outdoors with articles and exciting feature stories written by the top outdoor writers in the country.

Advertising Deadlines
General Regulations
Editorial Calendar
Mechanical Specifications


Space – Three weeks prior to publication date
Camera-Ready Ads – Two weeks prior to publication date
Electronic Ads  – Two weeks prior to publication date
Copy To Be Set – Two weeks prior to publication date


These rates are for the regular business of the advertiser only, and cannot be used in whole or in part by any other firm.

Publisher reserves the right to revise or reject any advertisement offered which may be objectionable either in its text or illustration or whenever the advertisement may appear to be fraudulent, misleading or otherwise objectionable; or to omit or reduce the size of advertisements when mechanical limitations, labor or material shortages make it necessary.

It is agreed that there shall be no liability on the part of the publisher in the event of failure to publish an advertisement for any reason.  In the event that errors occur in the publishing of an advertisement, liability of the publisher shall be limited to the charge made to the advertiser by publisher.

Instructions regarding changes in, or the cancellation of, advertisements must be in writing; any other notifications of changes made at advertiser’s risk.



Submitting Ads Camera Ready
All camera-ready art must be to size and output at appropriate line screen (see below).  Color proofs must accompany all spot and 4-color process artwork.

Black/White Art: 85-line screen
Halftones: 85-line screen
Process Color: 100-line screen
Negatives: Right reading, emulsion side down

Submitting Ads Electronically
All ads submitted electronically must be accompanied by the following:

1. Laser proof of each ad output to appropriate line scree (see above); separations for color ads
2. Ads must be created in applications currently supported by our Production Department (see list below)
3. All fonts (suitcase and screen fonts) and all linked graphic files must be included on disks
4. Images used in files must be scanned at a minimum of 300 dpi

Currently Supported Removable Media

Supported Applications
MAC platform only: InDesign 6, Photoshop 11, Adobe Acrobat (PDF Format)
Any application not listed is not supported by our Production Department

Submitting Ads Via Email
We can receive ads directly via email.  The files can be saved in several different formats:

Please email ads to your advertising representative.

Submitting Ads To the FTP Site
Username: ltftp
Password: @lt!!!

If you experience any problems sending your files please call 314-535-9786 and ask for the Production Department.