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New Attractant and Protein Block Help Build the Herd

January 12, 2018 by admin in Great Gear

4S Advanced Wildlife Solutions is offering two new products, the 4S Draw deer attractant and the Pro20 Protein Block.
The 4S Draw is a high-intensity, long-distance attractant with twice the protein and fat of corn plus added vitamins and minerals. It can typically draw deer within one to five hours.
Pro20 has a carefully formulated blend of high quality ingredients to support overall herd health in a long-lasting, compressed design that lets a hunter offer supplemental nutrition without contaminating the hunting area.
4S Draw comes in two sizes, beginning at $6.99 a bag, the Pro20 Protein Block lists for $22.99. Both products can be found at retailers or the at website 4swildlife.com, which also has other 4S products.

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