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Legal Defense Is Offered for Hunters and Anglers

January 12, 2018 by admin in Great Gear

Hunters and anglers can assure themselves of expert legal defense by joining the new Hunter Shield program for about $14 a month, offered by U.S. Law Shield, which already has a program providing legal defense for gun owners.
Sportsmen will be provided with up-to-date legal information and education. In case of trouble, such as unintended trespassing or misidentification of game, attorneys will support hunters and anglers through the legal process.
Members will have access to:
• 24-hour emergency hotline.
• Attorneys well-versed in hunting and fishing laws.
• Representation at legal proceedings.
• Legal defense for landowners in accidental discharge cases.
Hunter Shield is active in 20 states and working to add more. Among them are Missouri, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Arkansas.
For more information or to sign up, call (877) 448-6839 or go online to huntershield.com.

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