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Feel Free To Drink With a Liberty Filter

January 12, 2018 by admin in Great Gear

Water everywhere, but not a drop to drink? Using questionable water sources won’t be a problem with the Lifesaver Liberty water filtration bottle that has replaceable filter capable of producing up to 530 gallons of potable water from rivers or lakes.
The Liberty holds 14 ounces. Its inline filter removes virtually 100 percent of bacteria, cysts and viruses.
The bottle is easy to fill. Just unscrew the base and pull it out, then scoop in water, keeping the top closed to block contamination. Screw the base back on and pump it twice to remove contamination.
Then unscrew the lid, open the flow valve and drink. The filter has an activated carbon disk and will stop releasing water once it’s blocked with contaminants. It filters out chlorine, bad tastes and odor, too.
Lifesaver Liberty also comes with a 5-foot “scavenger hose” for drawing water up without getting hands wet.
The Liberty filter sells for $89 online at iconlifesaver.com.

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