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Signature Spotting Scope Sets a New Standard

November 30, 2017 by admin in Great Gear

Burris has added the Signature HD 20-60x85mm spotting scope, which takes glassing to a higher level and is built for those who are passionate about optical performance at long distances.
The apochromatic lens system eliminates color fringing and delivers edge-to-edge resolution at any magnification. Premium HD glass provides maximum light transmission under any condition.
A built-in sunshade eliminates glare in bright conditions and keeps dust, rain and snow off the lens. The ergonomic, lightweight and durable design makes it easy to handle and keeps the lens well protected.
The scope has a 20-to-60 times zoom eyepiece with a large ocular that offers a wide field of view. An angled eyepiece makes it easy to use whether standing or prone. The scope is waterproof, fog-proof, shock proof and covered by warranty.
The 85mm Signature scope lists for $1,895. Go online to burrisoptics.com

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