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Longshot a Feature Laden Bag Just for Rifles

November 30, 2017 by admin in Great Gear

Hazard 4 intoduces Longshot, a high-grade, dedicated rifle/shotgun transporter bag made with high quality and rugged features.
Longshot can fit most assault rifles up to AK47 length, and the internal tie-down system adapts to hold any rifle configuration in place with optics and magazine inserted for a fast time to that first shot.
One side of the full-length organizer compartment uses Velcro for holster and patch, and the other side is a rifle-specific organizer panel with adjustable magazine and ammo pouches plus a molle field for polymer holsters.
Longshot lists for $299.99. For more information about Hazard 4 and all of its products, go online to hazard4.com.

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