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Identilock is World’s Fastest Trigger Lock

November 30, 2017 by admin in Great Gear

Sentinl introduces an innovative biometric gun lock, Identilock, that not only keeps unwanted fingers off your trigger but gives you access in less than a second with a touch your fingerprint.
Identilock incorporates speed, usability and practicality with unmatched safety and security. It takes 300 milliseconds – literally the blink of an eye – for the fingerprint sensor to identify the user and provide access to the firearm.
The system allows up to three users and is compatible with any USB Type-C charging outlet. It takes up to four hours to charge and lasts on stand-by mode for up to six months on a single charge.
Identilock lists for $239 and is available at Cabela’s. The first round includes locks for Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm/.40, and M&P 9mm, SDS9; Ruger 1911 & Colt 1911; Sig Sauer P226 & P229; and Glock Double Stack. For more information or to buy one, go to getidentilock.com.

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