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Bone Bag Offers Maximum Rattlin’

October 11, 2017 by admin in Great Gear

Flextone’s new Bone Bag is the most versatile and convenient rattlin’ option a hunter can carry into the woods. Bone Bag creates loud and realistic antler sounds that attract the attention of all deer and bring big bucks running.
Real or synthetic rattling antlers can be cumbersome. Hunters looking for a highly portable and packable rattlin’ option should check out the Bone Bag, which uses premium hardwoods of maple and oak in a mesh fabric bag to create rattlin’ sounds with maximum, unrestricted volume.
Bone Bag can be operated with a single hand to simulate the light sparring of young bucks early in the season, or two-handed to mimic aggressive, mature buck fights during the pre-rut and primary rut periods. It features an extended cord for easy access.
Flextone’s Bone Bag is available from several retailers and lists for $9.99 at flextonegamecalls.com.

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