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Storm Brings Better Louisiana Fishing

August 10, 2017 by admin in Outdoor News From Our Region

This guy found himself a nice-sized trout in Louisiana. – Louisiana Travel.com photo

Many people thinking about taking a trip to Louisiana and fishing its lush and plentiful marshes may have seen the rains that Tropical Storm Cindy brought and thought, “Maybe I’ll fish somewhere else.”
That would be a mistake.
In fact, Cindy has brought perfect conditions for an amazing fishery in what’s called the “Sportsman’s Paradise.” That makes now the right time to book a fishing trip with a licensed and insured Louisiana charter guide and rake in the fish.
Thanks to the salt-water surge, many Louisiana guides are catching giant redfish that have been feasting on storm minnows, and it’s not like we needed Cindy’s help to enjoy what already is an amazing fishery.
As an added bonus, Louisiana has long enjoyed the phenomenon of a booming trout fishery following tropical systems. The saltier water helps trout spawn successfully, which means the 2018 fall trout fishery should be off the hook.
Whether you’re thinking about fishing Louisiana this year, next year or really any year, great times, great pictures and great meat to fill your freezer are sure to follow. It could be a relaxing day of in-shore fishing or an adrenalin-pumping day of offshore fishing.
For more information, go online to lasaltwater.com.

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