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duck-stamps-on-saleLittle Birds Taking Over This Year’s Duck Stamp

Editor’s note: In its latest issue, Wildfowl Magazine reports: “The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is attempting to boost the sale of duck stamps by allowing depiction of birds other than waterfowl on future stamps. The move is designed to coax birders and other national wildlife refuge visitors to buy a stamp and would be the first time a bird other than waterfowl appeared on the stamp in its 82 years of existence.”
Here’s a comment on that from a Missouri duck hunter:
After 82 years, my duck stamp collection stops. I cannot place the likes of a sparrow, canary or egret into my collection. Yes, I do have all the duck stamps since 1934. It may be time to hang up my boots and parka, too. You see, I’m 84. You may want to advise duck hunters and duck stamp collectors by calling their attention to USFWS and their plans to place little birds on the 2016-17 issue duck stamp.
Lake St. Louis

Whiteside is Like
No Other Guide

A fishing trip with Dennis Whiteside is like a journey through history, regardless of the stream or location being visited. His knowledge of Ozark and associated area lore is astounding, and all its waters are kin to his canoes and paddles.
A myriad of stories – insightful, educational, thought-provoking and often humorous – flow from him like the water being visited, bringing the past, present and even the future into focus.
You learn quickly that he’s a student of conservation and a protector of precious land, water, fish and fowl. And if it’s a float involving fishing for smallmouth bass, you’ll learn quickly that he knows each catch by its first name and is its premier friend and protector.
Claremore, OK

June Articles Brought Back Great Memories

To Bobby Whitehead: You know, I am not only a friend, but a fan, too. I started reading my June-July edition of Outdoor Guide, which arrived yesterday. I’d only gotten as far as Page 5 but already found myself forced to compliment you on your Dogwood Journal entry, which was so appropriate and timely. Well done, my friend.
I also was reading about Lew’s Museum and the J.D. Fletcher Collection. Reading J.D.’s name brought back a wonderful memory of meeting him fairly early in my career, when I had the pleasure of fishing Table Rock Lake when McCollough Corp. was promoting Holiday Island.
I got to fish a couple of days with Dusty Ensley (and Hugh O’Brien, aka Wyatt Earp) and spent some time with J.D. Fletcher, who was a good friend of Dusty’s. I had befriended Dusty on an earlier McCollough outdoor writer junket in Nevada, near another of their planned communities.
I remember J.D.’s invitation to visit him at his Devil’s Dive Resort and fish with him. I never got the chance to do so, nor have I fished with Dusty again. I did, however, have the chance to make a couple of trips above the Arctic Circle with Dusty’s dad, Harold. His mom, Bonnie, and sister Sandy were also on those trips (as were Sandy’s hubbie, Jim Trotter, Bud and Audie Walton of Wal-mart fame and their two sons-in-law, normal guys who have become ultra-rich, Stan Kroenke and Bill Laurie). I really hit it off with those two guys, pretty much my age, but we’ve lost touch over the years.
Well, thanks for bringing back some great memories – and I’m only on Page 5!

Ashmark Communications
Putnam Valley, New York

Column Cut Close to the Bone for Him

To Bobby Whitehead: The Dogwood Journal column in your April-May issue on your friend, who was dealing with his movement problems while trying to get his Conceal-Carry permit, really cut close to the bone for me. You told the story in an amazingly caring and compassionate manner without it coming off as just another “sympathy” story. Nice.
I enjoy your publication very much. Thank you.

St. Louis

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