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Missouri Resources Magazine Is Still Free

For nearly 35 years, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources has produced the Missouri Resources quarterly magazine to encourage readers to explore and protect Missouri’s natural and cultural resources.
Each edition includes articles about Missouri’s state parks, historic sites and geologic wonders as well as our precious air, land and water resources and the environmental issues that must be addressed to protect them.
We’ve been able to offer the magazine to Missouri residents for free, and our out-of-state subscription costs are minimal at $4.50 per year and $8 for two years. If you prefer to read the magazine online, simply click on “Get Updates” on the This Issue envelope and become an online Missouri Resources subscriber. You will receive electronic notices when the most recent issue is available on the web.
You may learn more about Missouri Resources and subscribe on the web at dnr.mo.gov/magazine, or call (800) 361-4827 or send an email to moresdnr@dnr.mo.gov.
If you are currently not a subscriber, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and begin exploring Missouri Resources.

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