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Hunters, Judge Not…

The late great H.L. Mencken defined puritanism as “The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.”
It seems like many hunters are unable to tolerate the notion that someone, somewhere is enjoying a hunt using a tool or method that is “wrong.”
As if hunting was a religion, and only they have settled on the one truth.
You need not look far to find disrespect and condemnation for different perfectly legal forms of hunting from right inside the hunting community. And I am sure you can think of people happy to thump their chests while publicly questioning the ethics and judgment of anyone who hunts differently than they do.
Whatever kind of hunting you want to do within whatever regulations are in place, there is really only one guaranteed way to do it wrong.
And that is to hunt the way someone else wants you to hunt instead of the way you do.
It’s kind of like buying a motorcycle. The best one to buy is the one that puts the biggest grin on your face. Only a self-impressed blowhard thinks it is better for you to pick his favorite ride instead of yours.
Hunters have a great deal in common and much to gain from pulling together. Those who find it entertaining to pick at the small areas we disagree on need to learn the lesson so wonderfully illustrated by comedian Emo Philips (see http:KillerNoms/emo online).
So let’s all just head outdoors and don’t be a hunting puritan.

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