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Another Great Issue of Outdoor Guide

June 9, 2016 by admin in Readers Respond

When I received the April-May issue of Outdoor Guide, I read it cover to cover. I can’t remember the last time I did that.
In all fairness, my wife and daughter had been away on spring break in Panama Beach for the week. In addition, gale force winds were blowing dogwood petals off the trees in my backyard, and the cool temperatures, coupled with my artificially thinned blood, had me locked indoors.
On the other hand, the stories in the magazine were a welcome antidote for the spring fever that was getting me down. I especially enjoyed hearing from Joel Vance, John Neporadny, Tim Huffman, Larry Whiteley, Randall Davis, Larry Dablemont, Spence Turner, Bill Cooper, Gerald Scott and John Winkelman. It felt like attending an MOC reunion!
Thanks for putting it all together and keeping it all together, as you’ve been doing for many moons.
Dacula, GA

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