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Keep Politics Out of Conservation

(A letter written to the Missouri House of Representatives)

I am writing to express my opposition to SJR19 to change the Missouri Department of Conservation. Our Department is the model for the country and does an exceptional job managing our natural resources.

The key to their success is that they operate outside of the political process, with dedicated funding, allowing them to make sound, science-based decisions.

The department seems to be under constant attack from politicians pushing special interests and against the best interests of Missourians. SJR19 would expand the number of commissions, thus regionalizing the interests of the individuals and increasing the politicization of the commission. I ask that you review the consideration points (below) for further rationale of my opposition to the bill.

This is a bad idea, and I encourage you to work against and vote against SJR19.

Steve Maritz, chairman and CEO
Maritz Inc.

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